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By The Montana Funeral Directors

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Becoming Preferred Podcast with Linda Cohen and host Michael Vickers

Becoming Preferred

Kindness is not always seen as a priority in the workplace, especially as it can contrast with the traditional image of a successful entrepreneur. Haven’t we been told that ‘nice people finish last?’ Office culture can be cutthroat and competitive, leading to hurtful criticism, lack of collaboration, and miscommunication. However, now we are increasingly talking about wellbeing in the workplace. To help us understand the ROI of kindness, is author, speaker, and trainer, Linda Cohen.

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leveraging leadership podcast

Leveraging Thought Leadership

Is kindness a mindset, culture, or capability? What is the cost of empowering your employees to be kind to their co-workers, customers, and themselves? We start our conversation by discussing how Linda started her kindness movement by writing her first book, 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change Your Life, as a project to honor her father. Linda discusses the concept of an “economy of kindness,” and how kindness is a soft skill that businesses rarely emphasize. Yet, the ROI of kindness in your business is undeniable.

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Kindness and the Bottom Line with Linda Cohen on V2 Virtual Venues podcast

Kindness and the Bottom Line

In this episode of the Thought Leader Conversations podcast presented by V2 Virtual Venues, guest Linda Cohen joins host Roger Courville, CSP to discuss the relationship between kindness and the bottom line. Along the way, Roger and Linda chat about questions such as: What’s the big deal about company culture? How do people get “feedback” wrong? How do you define “kindness values?” What is the evidence that kindness positively impacts the bottom line? And more!

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Need a Well-Rounded Speaker?

Invite The Kindness Catalyst, Linda Cohen to speak to your team or organization. From healthcare and community credit unions, to private businesses and government associations, kindness is a message proven to help motivate and support your teams.

The size of the kindness action doesn’t matter. Kindness has a ripple effect that spreads out to the world and has a positive effect on your bottom line.

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Linda Cohen Keynote Highlights

Virtually or live, Linda Cohen is ready to engage your audience. Support your team by investing in kindness and contact us today!

More Podcast Appearances

Linda Cohen on Transform Your Workplace podcast with Brandon Laws

Transform Your Workplace

A hard-hitting pandemic spurred an initial, unexpected rise in kindness. But before long, we settled back into our old ways. Could your business use a lesson in ramping up kindness? Listen in as Cohen drives home the idea that kindness affects everyone and everything it touches, even a business’s bottom line.

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Flip the Beauty Script podcast showcard image

Flip the Beauty Script

Discover how boundless authentic beauty really is with host Stephanie Snow. This podcast is taking society’s narrow definition of beauty and redefining it entirely. The Kindness Catalyst, Linda Cohen, joins this episode to share the power of kindness and how you can beautify your life with a dose each day.


The Kindness Podcast

The Kindness Podcast

Hear Linda Cohen, who has been a “kindness catalyst” for over a decade, on Nicole Phillip’s The Kindness Podcast. Cohen offers insight into why kindness matters so much in the workplace now more than ever. It’s imperative to your bottom line.

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Aging Today podcast with Linda

Aging Today Podcast

This is a show that creates a great place for professionals to connect and discover resources, strategies, and hot topics in the aging space. Aging can be proactive and centered around choice, but it all starts with the right leadership. Listen to this episode, How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line, featuring Linda Cohen.

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Linda Cohen on Your Marketing Moment podcast with John Nee of Act One Partners

Your Marketing Moment

Linda Cohen is an international keynote speaker, consultant, and author of several books on how kindness transforms companies’ bottom line. In this episode, Linda shares how her marketing moment was years in the making. Then suddenly, everything changed.

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emotional optimism

Emotional Optimism

How do you create a culture of kindness in the workplace? In today’s episode, Linda Cohen talks about the power of doing intentional acts of kindness and the ripple effect that can transform your life and your business.

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Remembering a Life Podcast

Remembering a Life

When her father passed away in 2006, Linda Cohen’s busy life as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur came to a screeching halt. She took a spiritual sabbatical to work through her grief, and she came out of it resolved to embark upon a project: perform one thousand acts of kindness “mitzvahs” to honor her father’s memory. In this episode, Linda shares the transformational power of kindness, and a call to arms for those who would like to follow in her footsteps with their own mitzvahs—no matter how large or how small.

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business bookshelf podcast

Business Bookshelf

The Business Bookshelf podcast interviews best selling authors about their newly released books. Host Lance Peppler interviews Linda about “The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line,” where she goes on to explain how companies have employed kindness to maintain their organizations.

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Linda Cohen on Small Changes Big Shifts with Dr Michelle Robin

Small Changes Big Shifts

In this episode with Linda Cohen, also known as the Kindness Catalyst, you’ll learn how to create a culture of kindness in your organization and methods to give and receive kindness in your own life. Right in the middle of Small Changes Big Shift’s own kindness campaign, tune in with Linda and Dr. Robin for an inspiring, usable discussion.

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Listen Learn Explore podcast

Listen, Learn, Explore

Join Linda Cohen, known as the “Kindness Catalyst”, and author of The Economy of Kindness:  How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line,  as she joins Penny Cook in a conversation about the benefits of kindness, the importance of it in the workplace, and how we can all be catalysts of kindness, not only for the good of others but also for ourselves.

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KORE Women Podcast with Linda Cohen

The KORE Women Podcast

Linda Cohen joins this week’s episode of The KORE Women podcast, with Dr. Summer Watson. Linda, also known as ‘The Kindness Catalyst,’ has been a professional speaker and a consultant for more than a decade and is a member of the national speaker’s association.

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Rooted in Revenue podcast

Rooted in Revenue Podcast

Kindness decreases stress, reduces employee burnout, and builds increasing levels of happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. Linda discusses transforming your business to incorporate kindness as a method of recruitment, retention, and reputation without exhausting your budgets.

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Harness the Momentum of Summer R&R

Harness the Momentum of Summer R&R

As we return from summer adventures, managers have the unique opportunity to harness the momentum of summer R&R. It’s hard not to feel like the change of the season is a new year. As people are returning from their summer vacations and much-needed rest and relaxation, organizations and their managers have an opportunity to elevate their workplaces and prolong these feelings.

Post It Notes are Magical

Post It Notes are Magical

Post-it notes are magical. I’m crazy about them. They serve as such a great way to bring a little joy to the world. You can use them to bring a smile to someone’s day so effortlessly. Whether you put them on someone’s computer or locker, or stick them in your partners’ things so they find them later, there are so many ways they can work their magic.