Workplace Kindness Intensive

Linda Cohen trains managers, professional leaders,

and teams to lead with kindness

The Workplace Kindness Intensive trains managers how to lead with kindness, increase engagement, improve retention, and reduce turnover. Linda Cohen will dive deeply into your organization’s culture, then work with you to create an action plan that benefits your employees!

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About the Program

This comprehensive course is designed to be a collaborative experience. You’ll start by working with Linda to determine what kindness strategies your organization would benefit from most.

Then, we’ll tackle challenges with retention and recruitment to develop strategies that increase employee satisfaction and reduce burnout. These solutions will be catered to your organization’s culture, people, and goals.

As an added bonus, your organization will walk away with new resources and tools to employ immediately. After the program is over, you’ll continue to have a guidepost for including kindness in the workplace.

We loved Linda’s presentation….we loved how prepared she was, and how relevant her material was for our franchise network…. THANK YOU!

I’m sure we will be referring to her words for months/years to come.

J.J. Sorrenti

CEO, Best Life Brands

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Questions about the intensive? Unlike Linda’s other Keynote Programs, this option provides a more hands-on experience for managers to learn and collaborate. Whether you are looking for a program to boost morale or a customized curriculum to support corporate culture, put kindness on the agenda. Start a conversation with Linda today to see if this is the program your employees need.