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May 11, 2024 | Podcasts

Linda Cohen on the Benefits of Leading with Kindness from The Play Your Position Podcast

Gigi Rosenberg Podcast: Telling Personal Stories from the Stage

With host Gigi Rosenberg and guest Linda Cohen

Episode Description:

Years ago, when Linda Cohen launched a speaking career on the topic of Kindness, nobody thought it would fly. Flash forward, she’s now the “kindness catalyst,” and has created a successful business as a professional speaker and consultant focusing on the ROI of Kindness.

Linda’s superpower is her ability to share personal stories from the stage.

Join Gigi as she interviews Cohen about how she mustered the nerve to show up in downtown Portland, Oregon to interview strangers on everyday kindness, her best advice on launching a speaking career and how to engage your audience with authenticity and a roll of toilet paper.

Linda is past president and board member of the National Speaker Association, Oregon Chapter. Her second book, The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line was published in October 2021.

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Resources Mentioned:

The Economy of Kindness by Linda Cohen

About the Podcast Host, Gigi Rosenberg 

Gigi Rosenberg is a public speaking coach who teaches executives, nonprofit leaders and rising stars how to get standing ovations.

Gigi knows exactly how to elevate public speaking presence, energize delivery and help you tell a gripping story. She’s been a guest commentator on Oregon Public Radio and a theater performer in New York City at the United Solo Theatre Festival.

Her specialty is helping leaders and subject matter experts present, lead panels, give speeches, and nail their elevator pitch both on Zoom and on a public stage.

A published author in pubs like Psychology Today and Publishers Weekly, she’s the author of The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing, now in its sixth printing, and the former editor of the national business magazine Professional Artist.

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