ReImagine Kindness Keynote

Resilience and Adaptability Program

Reimagine Kindness keynote program

ReImagine Kindness: Lessons for a Virtual New World

It’s time we push our businesses and lives forward to a renewed post-pandemic world.

ReImagine Kindness in your organization’s culture with this keynote. Our roadmap completely changed in March 2020, now we need to navigate almost unknown territory and our compass will be kindness.

Linda Cohen will show how employing the key kindness strategies of Adaptability, Communication, Recognition, and Self Care will engage and empower your employees, while positively impacting your bottom line.

Part Inspiration. Part Education. Participants take away a new perspective of the active role kindness plays in their professional and personal lives. They’ll have fresh ideas and kindness resources to implement immediately!

Kindness in the workplace improves employee morale, elevates workplace culture, and creates loyalty from clients and co-workers.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Minimal investments in kindness practices can have huge returns.
  • Everyone can be a Kindness Catalyst.
  • A company culture of kindness creates more loyal and happier employees and clients.


Perfect for General Audience, Professional Development Events, and Healthcare Professionals

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“ReImagine Kindness: Lessons for a Virtual New World” is available as a Live Presentation, Virtual Keynote, or Webinar.