Your Marketing Moment

Nov 21, 2022 | Podcasts

Your Marketing Moment podcast graphic episode 8 with Linda Cohen

Your Marketing Moment: Linda Cohen, Author and Kindness Catalyst, on How Her Marketing Moment Was Years in the Making and Then Suddenly…  

With host John Nee and guest Linda Cohen

Your Marketing Moment is available in all venues. 

Episode Overview:

Linda Cohen is an international keynote speaker, consultant, and author of several books on how kindness transforms companies’ bottom line. In this episode, Linda shares how her marketing moment was years in the making. Suddenly, everything changed.

Cohen published a guide for managers on benefitting from the ROI of kindness in 2021. “The Economy of Kindness” is available on Amazon.

Imagine a company culture where employees feel valued, recognized, and empowered enough to go the extra mile for customers and colleagues; where the leadership can be authentic, transparent, and connected to their team.


About the Podcast Host, John

Your Marketing Moment is a podcast about marketing moments – those significant events or moments of time that transform a career or business – and how you can create your own marketing moment.

John Nee, President of Act 1 Partners, a marketing, strategy, and experiential firm, interviews the people who benefited from a marketing moment and also unpacks significant marketing moments in history and the lasting effect they’ve had on how we do business today.

Marketing moments are often the result of years of hard work that coincides with good timing. We’ll learn what makes marketing moments happen and how you can apply these experiences and insights to create a Marketing Moment of your own.

Short and usually focused on a single event, Your Marketing Moment podcast is just a moment of your day to learn about the marketing moment of someone else.

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