Kindness and the Bottom Line

Jun 21, 2023 | Podcasts

Kindness and the Bottom Line with Linda Cohen on V2 Virtual Venues podcast

V2 Virtual Venues Podcast:  Kindness and the Bottom Line

With host Roger Courville, CSP and guest Linda Cohen

Episode Description:

In this episode of the #ThoughtLeaderConversations podcast, guest Linda Cohen joins host Roger Courville, CSP to discuss the relationship between kindness and the bottom line.

Imagine a company culture where…

  • Employees feel valued, recognized, and empowered enough to go the extra mile.
  • Leadership can be authentic, transparent, and connected.

…but how does that affect the bottom line?

Linda is a keynote speaker, certified virtual presenter, TEDx speaker, and earl grey lover. She’s the author of multiple books. Her most recent publication, The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms the Bottom Line, is the basis of what we’re talking about today

Along the way, Roger and Linda chat about questions such as:

  • What’s the big deal about company culture?
  • How do people get “feedback” wrong?
  • How do you define “kindness values?”
  • What is the evidence that kindness positively impacts the bottom line?
  • What’s “The Four-Way Test” for determining proper actions? How have you seen that implemented?
  • And more!

You can follow Linda Cohen on LinkedIn at Linda M Cohen. On Twitter at Mitzvahs. And on Instagram at Kindness from Cohen.

Show Overview:

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About the Podcast Host, Roger Courville, CSP

Roger Courville, CSP is the Head of Strategy at V2 Virtual Venues, LLC. He describes himself as a “Good dad, bad guitarist, love habaneros. Wrote a few books, won a few awards.”

Roger helps leaders learn how the brain wants to see information. He teaches how to make “virtual eye contact” and deliver “virtual body language.” With his trademarked story methodology, Roger guides professionals on how to create momentum. Onsite or online.

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