Workplace Kindness Essentials

Elevate Reputation, Recruitment, and Retention

through Linda’s new 3-part training package.

The Workplace Kindness Essentials package supports everyone in your organization. The package includes a customized keynote for your leadership and managers, as well as videos and printable resources to support your entire staff.

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About the Package

This comprehensive package is customized to fit the needs of your organization. You’ll start by working with Linda to determine what kindness strategies your team needs most.

In part 1, Linda will deliver a 1-hour, customized keynote to your leaders and managers either in-person or virtually.

In part 2, you will receive a 3-video series with detailed strategies for sharing kindness in the workplace. These videos will remind staff how kindness not only elevates the employee experience, but the customers’ too.

To ensure your team maintains the momentum of kindness for months to come, you will receive a collection of kindness resources in part 3. Your organization will walk away with new resources that act as a guidepost for including kindness in the workplace.

After our sessions, in team meetings, question sessions, and on email broadcasts to 1000+ staff, I was sharing the notes and tips you had provided and the examples or experiences shared by our group.

I was very happy to see the number of responses, thank you notes, and support from our teams (including SVPs and Directors) on practicing Kindness. I saw a lot of change with the team in expressing Kindness; both in person and virtually!

I’m convinced that I have influenced my group such that everyone has become a Kindness Catalyst in a way!

Utham K

Director of Global Production Assurance, Citi

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Questions about the essentials package? Unlike Linda’s other Keynote Programs, this option provides a more hands-on experience. Whether you are looking for a program to boost morale or a customized curriculum to elevate retention and recruitment, put kindness on the agenda. Start a conversation with Linda today to explore how kindness will uplift and strengthen your company.