The Kindness Catalyst Interview

Jan 5, 2022 | Podcasts

The Kindness Catalyst Interview podcast

Listen, Learn, Explore: A Conversation with Linda Cohen, The Kindness Catalyst

With host Penny Cook and guest Linda Cohen

The Kindness Catalyst Interview

Show Overview:

Pioneer Network supports models where elders live in open, diverse, caring communities. In-depth change in systems requires a change in governmental policy and regulation; change in the individual’s and society’s attitudes toward aging and elders; change in elders’ attitudes towards themselves and their aging; and change in the attitudes and behavior of caregivers toward those for whom they care. We refer to this work as culture change. Our aim is nothing less than to transform the culture of aging in America.

Episode Description:

Bring in the New Year with an episode that is sure to inspire you. Join Linda Cohen, the “kindness catalyst,” as she joins Penny Cook in a conversation about the benefits of kindness. In The Kindness Catalyst Interview, you’ll hear about its importance in the workplace, and how we can all be catalysts of kindness; not only for the good of others but also for ourselves. Then, plan on joining Linda and Penny for a virtual Learning Circle, Let’s Talk About Kindness, on Tuesday, January 18 at 2:00 PM EST. Click here to save your spot at the circle.

Linda Cohen has been the Kindness Catalyst for over ten years. Cohen is a professional keynote speaker, kindness expert, and author. Her most recent book, The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line, was published in the fall of 2021.

You can learn more about Linda, her work on kindness, and her customized keynote programs and workshops on her website. Whether your organization is in need of books for staff appreciation gifts, a keynote speaker for your next conference, or a consultant to rejuvenate your culture, call Linda to put kindness on your agenda!