Intentional Kindness Ideas for the Workplace

In the workplace, it’s been proven that kindness elevates culture, strengthens talent acquisition, and improves productivity. Here are some ideas for how to show your employees intentional kindness.

Covering Your B.A.S.E.S

Covering Your B.A.S.E.S” is an easy practice to start implementing intentional time to attend to your own self-care. It’s simple to remember and easy to implement every day.

Why does kindness in the workplace matter?

Reputation, Recruitment, and Retention are all affected by the culture of kindness you build in your company. A strong culture of kindness can boost employee morale, improve productivity, and build loyalty.

Meditation Tips with Insight Timer

If you haven’t tried Insight Timer yet as a tool for self-care, give it a whirl. Even if you hate meditating or feel “unsuccessful” at it, the app is full of unbelievable resources. Here is some of my advice for success.


Download Bite Sized Kindness Posters

Bite-Sized Kindness Posters

Hang these sample posters up in your workplace to immediately boost morale and strengthen kind communication.

Download the Kindness BINGO Activity poster

Kindness BINGO Activity

This is a fun activity to elevate culture and practice kind communication with coworkers. Use has a handout or poster!

Download Self Care for Busy Leaders document

Self-Care for Busy Leaders

Whether you have 1 minute, 5, or 10+, leaders who make time for self-care are more effective in their roles.

Download the 18 Ways to Cultivate Kindness pdf

18 Ways to Cultivate Kindness at Work

These strategies build a culture of kindness when used by any employee.

Download the Onboarding with Kindness checklist

Kindness Onboarding Checklist

Plan for what new hires need at their workstations and consider adding some surprise and delight.

Download the Team Member Spotlight Questionnaire

Team Member Spotlight

Use this form as a way to gather insight into what employees value most and how they prefer to be recognized.

Many thanks for the outstanding session recently! We’ve received great feedback. I especially love how customized this was for our company – I really appreciate your efforts to cover things specific to us. Thank you for sharing such a positive, applicable message.

Dana Bukowski McMillan

Director of Human Resources and DEI, Equitrans Midstream Corporation

Want to know how these resources can be customized for your organization?

Linda provides businesses with custom materials to integrate kindness with onboarding processes, company culture, management strategies, and more. She clarifies how kindness improves your ROI and makes your team members feel supported and valued.

Speak with Linda to see how she can bring kindness and profitability together for your organization.

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the ROI of Kindness

Read Linda’s latest publication, The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Can Transform Your Bottom Line, for a complete guide to implementing kindness in corporate culture and the long-term profitability of the investment.

Once you create a culture of kindness, retention and recruitment benefit, employee engagement and job satisfaction increase, and overall team productivity improve.

The long-term benefits of investing in kindness continue to pay off for years because it becomes part of your organization. To know more about Linda’s strategies for integrating kindness into workplace culture, reach out!

Keynote Presentations

Put kindness on your event agenda to build morale, increase retention, and revitalize recruitment. Linda redirects your leadership to overcome the challenges of a disjointed team. She offers new insights through kindness that unite your organization into a focused collaborative group.

Workshops and Training

As the Kindness Catalyst, Linda Cohen creates customized programs for your managers and leaders. She clarifies how kindness improves your ROI and makes your team members feel supported and valued. Speak with Linda to see how she can bring kindness and profitability together for you.