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Hire Linda for custom workshops and tailored training to equip your leaders with the skills and strategies necessary to thrive in today’s workplace. Every package is designed specifically to your team’s needs, so every moment is as effective and impactful as possible. 

Workplace Kindness Essentials

Workplace Kindness Essentials: 3-Part Training Package

Perfect for Agencies, Multi-National Organizations, and Rapid Growth Companies 

The Workplace Kindness Essentials package supports everyone in your organization. The package includes a customized keynote for your leadership and managers, as well as videos and printable resources to support your entire staff.

Package Includes: 

  • Part 1: 1-hour customized keynote tailored to leadership, VPs, and managers delivered virtually or in person.
  • Part 2: Video series of 3 focused ways to share kindness and elevate a culture of compassion with coworkers, customers, team, and staff.
  • Part 3: Collection of bite-sized kindness pdfs to print or use virtually as encouraging reminders to keep acts of kindness top of mind all year long.

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Tailored Keynotes | Video Series | Custom Resources

Workplace Kindness Intensive: Comprehensive Team Training to Lead with Kindness

Perfect for Global Corporations, Remote or Hybrid Teams, & Executive Leaders 

The Workplace Kindness Intensive trains managers on how to lead with kindness, increase engagement, improve retention, and reduce turnover. Linda Cohen will dive deeply into your organization’s culture, and then work with you to create an action plan that benefits your employees as much as possible.

Package Includes: 

  • SIX in-depth, custom designed training modules. 
  • A 3-step collaborative creation process where you will work with Linda to determine what kindness strategies your organization would benefit from most.
  • Motivational videos, take-away resources, signed copies of The Economy of Kindness book, and more! 
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Linda is producing some of the most practical, meaningful, and immediately actionable content I consume as an HR practitioner and leader. Linda creates and delivers content on kindness.

I highly recommend connecting with Linda, purchasing one of her books, or bringing her in as a speaker for your next company leadership summit. Whenever I speak with Linda, I learn something new; I am very sure you will as well.

Chris Blomquist

HR Leader, Blomquist Consulting

After our sessions, in team meetings, question sessions, and on email broadcasts to 1000+ staff, I was sharing the notes and tips you had provided and the examples or experiences shared by our group.

I was very happy to see the number of responses, thank you notes, and support from our teams (including SVPs and Directors) on practicing Kindness. I saw a lot of change with the team in expressing Kindness; both in person and virtually!

I’m convinced that I have influenced my group such that everyone has become a Kindness Catalyst in a way!

Utham K

Director of Global Production Assurance, Citi

Does your organization have specific needs? Connect with Linda to talk about customized package options.

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Read Linda’s latest publication, The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Can Transform Your Bottom Line, for a complete guide to implementing kindness in corporate culture and the long-term profitability of the investment.

Once you create a culture of kindness, retention and recruitment benefit, employee engagement and job satisfaction increase, and overall team productivity improves.

The long-term benefits of investing in kindness continue to pay off for years because it becomes part of your organization.