Dialogue with Kindness Keynote

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Dialogue with Kindness keynote program

Dialogue with Kindness:  Sustaining Healthy Discussion in a Polarized Society

Kindness imbues calm confidence in the workplace allowing everyone to flourish.

In the Dialogue with Kindness Keynote, Cohen shares how to create opportunities for building interpersonal bridges and embracing differences. Self-generating and powerful, kindness and conversation can close cultural rifts and personal conflicts. Which then leads to understanding, inclusivity, and success.

During this intense event, Linda Cohen will dive into communication accountability, the keys to giving and receiving feedback, employing active listening, and vulnerability through connection. Inclusivity is the kind way to create a company culture, and it also makes good business sense.

Linda Cohen presents kindness solutions that begin to build interpersonal bridges by creating opportunities to dialogue and so embrace each other’s differences. Participants will elevate their listening skills to find common ground and respectful understanding.

Kindness provides a return to civility, supports inclusivity, allows new ideas to be heard, and ensures that all voices are heard and respected.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Non-verbal cues tell the truth of your story.
  • The 4 Quadrants of Communication are acts of kindness.
  • Successful corporations and individuals use kindness to create healthy dialogue.


Perfect for All Staff, Middle Managers, and Women in Leadership.

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Dialogue with Kindness: Sustaining Healthy Communication in a Polarized Society” is available as a Live Presentation, Virtual Keynote, or Webinar.