Play Your Position Podcast: The Benefits of Leading with Kindness

Mar 6, 2024 | Podcasts

Linda Cohen on the Benefits of Leading with Kindness from The Play Your Position Podcast

Play Your Position Podcast: The Benefits of Leading with Kindness Linda Cohen

With host Mary Lou Kayser and guest Linda Cohen

Episode Description:

Linda Cohen is an international keynote speaker, consultant, author, and trainer who considers herself a kindness catalyst. She shares the ROI of kindness with businesses and associations around the world through customized interactive programs for team meetings and conference keynotes with enthusiasm and expertise.

Linda believes kindness is no longer a nice to have in the workplace, but an imperative skill for leaders and employees to cultivate. She says that kindness is at the basis of every aspect of a positive company culture. From recruitment and retention to morale and burnout, all aspects matter. Her book, The Economy of Kindness, showcases numerous examples of the ways employing kindness into company culture generates improvement in these common performance metrics.

In short, Linda Cohen proves again and again that leaders who develop a “kindness practice” build stronger organizations and bigger bottom lines. Linda lives in Portland, Oregon where she enjoys spending time with her family.

Episode Summary:

(0:02) The difficulty of receiving kindness and compliments.
(2:02) Leadership journey and kindness in the workplace.
(7:29) Workplace kindness and its impact on employees.
(12:30) Self-care practices for busy individuals.
(15:53) Kindness, empathy, and compassion in healthcare.
(21:17) Kindness, receiving, and authenticity.
(27:43) Kindness, empathy, and modeling good behavior for young people.
(35:41) Apologizing and self-awareness.
(41:23) The importance of kindness and forgiveness.

Resources Mentioned:

The Economy of Kindness by Linda Cohen

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