The Economy of Kindness- Transform Your Workplace Podcast

Oct 19, 2021 | Podcasts

Linda Cohen on Transform Your Workplace podcast with Brandon Laws

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Transform Your Workplace: The Economy of Kindness

With host Brandon Laws and guest Linda Cohen

Episode Overview:

A hard-hitting pandemic spurred an initial, unexpected rise in kindness. But before long, we settled back into our old ways. Could your business use a lesson in ramping up kindness? In this episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast, Linda Cohen — expert, author, and speaker — brings kindness back to the forefront of the workplace conversation. Listen in as Linda Cohen shares touching stories and drives home the idea that kindness affects everyone and everything it touches, even a business’s bottom line.


  • If a business’s reputation is affected by unkindness, it inevitably affects the bottom line.
  • Creating a culture of kindness is an opportunity for you and your organization to think about what would elevate your level of inclusivity.
  • When asked what holds them back from being kind, people tend to answer the same way: stress, fatigue, and time.
  • Communication from leadership needs to be supportive and open so that employees feel encouraged to share their thoughts and concerns.

Guest at a Glance:

We welcome Linda Cohen back to the podcast. Nationally recognized “kindness expert,” speaker, and consultant, Linda is well-versed in how to incorporate kindness into workplace culture. Author of two books, Linda is passionate about seeing leaders and employees walk in kindness, ultimately resulting in business success.