Handling Unexpected Challenges

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Hospitality is Everything for Customers

How does an organization go about handling unexpected challenges that impact its customers?

If you are the management at Crater Lake National Park Lodges, you handle it quickly and with as much communication as possible.

In fact, we were impressed at the speed with which we learned of the challenge.

Recent Experiences from Crater Lake

This August, my family and I were staying in the Lodge at Crater Lake. The power went out just after 9 a.m. on the second day of our visit. We were later told that the power line had been cut by some construction along the park rim. The power was out across the entire national park.

Honestly, since our rooms didn’t have TVs, telephones, or AC, we didn’t realize this had happened. Within about 30 minutes of the outage, we received a note under our door. The communication was VERY clear and concise. Since this is a regular occurrence they were prepared and ready.

As we approached the dining room for a late breakfast, we also learned how well prepared they were to continue to serve customers in the dining room meals made without electricity.

No one seemed frazzled or particularly worried. All of the employees seemed to have the information and tools they needed for handling unexpected challenge appropriately. They all looked matter-of-fact and ready to accommodate.

Customer Service at its Finest

As a customer, I can tell you that felt wonderful. Things were under control even if they were going to be different than we planned. The best part was that we didn’t have to worry about any of it. Preparation seemed to make a difference.

There are so many things that happen all the time that are out of our control. Handling unexpected challenges that impact customers can make a huge impact on their overall experience. A little preparation clearly goes a long way!

Found a magnificent tree on our hike
Sunset over Crater Lake

The Bliss of Unplugging

This is what a week of being unplugged looks like!

Visiting Crater Lake National Park was magnificent. Every picture looks like a postcard. We were astonished once again at the beauty that exists in our chosen state of Oregon.

I know sometimes it’s hard to get back to work after a vacation. But don’t let that stop you from using your PTO and taking a break. I was reminded again how much unwinding I felt as each unplugged day passed.

Excited to be back in my office and ready to help amplify kindness.

Join the conversation with us on LinkedIn! I’d love to know how you handle unexpected challenges, or how unplugging helps you in your work.

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