Post It Notes are Magical

Stories of Kindness

The Unexpected Power of Post-Its

Post-it notes are magical. I’m crazy about them. They serve as such a great way to bring a little joy to the world. You can use them to bring a smile to someone’s day so effortlessly. Whether you put them on someone’s computer or locker, or stick them in your partners’ things so they find them later, there are so many ways they can work their magic.

However, I think this local Thai restaurant might take the cake. I noticed their “post-it notes” wall of love recently. It’s clear Ploy’s Thai Food agrees that post-it notes are magical.

Using Post-It Magic for Others

Seeing this wall of love reminded me of a story from earlier this summer.

I had gone to the gym to swim. In the locker room afterward, a gal and I started chatting. I asked, “How are you doing?” She seemed overwhelmed. “It’s been a tough week,” she said. Then she went on to tell me, “I play Rugby and I am struggling with an injured Achilles heel.” She said, “It’s been really hard.”

She started looking teary and then shared that she works with seniors. They had been on an outing at our Portland Rose Garden, and one of her residents had gone missing when they were ready to leave. She said it was the most stressful hour. She knew that her nervous system was on high alert, and didn’t think she’d recovered yet. Of course, it all worked out okay. But then later that night at Rugby practice she re-injured her heel.

Going Beyond the Norm

After a little more inquiry, I found out that this woman is an activities director at a local LTC community. She said to top it all off, “I just turned 30!”

Honestly, if she hadn’t just come from exercising and was all sweaty, I would have offered her a great big hug. As it was, I asked if she had anyone to talk to since she was so teary. We talked a little more about the wisdom of seniors, the work she is doing, and making sure she took some time over the weekend for some self-care.

After we said our goodbyes, all I could think was that I wished there was something more I could do.

One Small Act of Kindness

So I stopped at the front desk and asked for a pen and paper. You know me… that crazy kindness catalyst. I wrote out a bunch of post-it notes and put them all over her locker. They said things like, “To Z… You got this”, “Wanted you to know you were seen and heard today”, “Hang in there”, and “With support and encouragement…from Linda.”

That’s it. As I walked out, I thought that I had no idea if that would make a difference. But I hope for one minute before she goes to work, she smiles and knows someone is sending her love.

Post-it notes are magical. Maybe you have someone who could use a smile today and you get to be the one who puts it there.

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