Off to NSA Influence

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Headed to NSA Influence23

This week I headed off to the annual NSA Influence conference. #Influence23 is taking place in Florida this year.

As I was packing, I suddenly noticed my self-talk… “Ugh, I don’t want to have to wear fitted uncomfortable clothes. I want to be comfortable. Some of my clothes don’t look as good as I thought. I’ve gained a few pounds during the pandemic.” I even caught myself as I started to go down a rabbit hole. Old memories of wearing hand-me-downs from my step-sister in Vermont as a teen suddenly resurfaced the feelings of shame from that time. 

Owning my Mentality 

I know I am not alone. Many of us experience this “wanting to impress” mentality. And yet, I am no longer willing to give my attention to that feeling. It doesn’t serve any of us.

Years ago, Connie Podesta, one of our speakers, shared how we’d all prepared for the conference. We likely plucked, tweezed, shaved, dyed, cut and colored, and did a million other actions to be “presentable.” We all laughed, but it was true of course. Many of us are guilty of all this pre-work to show up our best.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t. Of course, we want to look and feel our best. I just want that to be from a place of authenticity.

Authentic Confidence and Self-Care 

Those little voices we hear are gremlins. When we are conscious of what we are willing to listen to, we notice those thoughts and can tell those little gremlins to take a hike! Don’t let those little voices sidetrack you. Those thoughts do not have to be your reality.

Practicing #self-care means being kind to yourself even when gremlins are on the loose.

I’m planning on packing clothes that make me feel good, confident, and comfortable. 

Another Pandemic Lesson 

Post-COVID, one lesson I have learned is that being authentic is more important than posturing. Cheers to lessons from all times of our lives.

Looking forward to seeing all my NSA colleagues later this week. I hope my fellow speakers practice self-care and positive self-talk as they head off to NSA Influence too. 

Will you be at the conference? Say hi! Let me know on LinkedIn.