Yesterday, was MLK Day of Service sponsored by HandsOn Networks and United Way organizations all around the country.

My daughter and I participated in our first Bink-A-Thon for an organization started by my neighbor and friend called the Binky Patrol. The mission of this organization is very simple. To make blankets and give them away to 775254_10200515712760114_1668443850_o-1children who are ill, abused, in shelters or in hospitals. While the mission may be simple the operation to make these gorgeous quilted blankets was pretty sophisticated. There were probably more than 90 volunteers at the event. Volunteers were cutting, pinning, sewing and photo-150labeling the blankets. Folks brought their sewing machines and at the end of the day, the group had made more more than 158 beautifulblankets to give away to children in need. Everyone of them hand-made with love by a volunteer.



I loved seeing the green shirted Starbucks workers, red shirted Wells Fargo workers and AmeriCorps young adults along side moms, dads and kids busily working together for a common goal.

There is definitely no greater feeling that working with someone else to help make something like a cozy blanket you know will make a difference in someone’s life. Even if you do get poked once or twice by the pins to make it happen.

If you missed out on MLK Day of Service, no worries, visit a Hands On network website in your community to learn about plenty of other on going projects. Make 2013 the year you do some volunteering!