The Oscars are this weekend and I am a movie lover. So, let’s play a game!

Two truths and a lie:

1) My husband and I have watched over 3,000 movies during our married life together.

2) I was a seat filler at the 62nd Academy Awards on March 26, 1990, while I was attending college in LA.

3) One of my all-time favorite movies is “Singing in the Rain”.

One of the things about being a movie lover is that there are so many opportunities for pleasure.

When in LA

While we were visiting LA in January, we planned a VIP tour at Paramount Studios. What a treat to be handed drinks of our choice as we loaded onto the carts to get our studio tour. We got to see dozens of sound stages, meet the man behind the signs that go into movies which is super interesting because they always make something look “authentic” but when you see it up close it’s been slightly changed. For example, when they put an American Express or Visa logo in a shop window, it looks like the right colors but says American Excess and Vista.

We learned about costume designer Edith Head, talk about a woman breaking glass ceilings. Her career spanned five decades and 400 film credits, and she is the female who has won the most Academy Awards (8).

After our visit, we promptly added some famous classic movies, we’d never seen before like Rebel without a Cause, Lost Horizons, and Double Indemnity.

You’ll never catch me watching a thriller or horror movie just not my thing and action movies are not my first choice either. I’ve never been able to watch Silence of the Lambs though I know it won best picture and several other categories that year.

Does Your Life Feel Like a Movie?

We’ve had the unexpected delight of two other “movie” opportunities in the past month. We were in Santa Barbara last month to celebrate our anniversary and it happened to be the week of #SBIFF. We got to see a couple of documentaries including a tender movie called “A Bunch of Amateurs” which was absolutely delightful. It won best documentary at the film festival. I also attended the #VarietyMagazine Awards Ceremony and hear Catherine Martin who did the costumes for the Elvis movie share some interesting behind the scenes tidbits.

Last weekend, one of our local Portland movie houses was showing the 5 Live Action Shorts that will be up for the Oscar this weekend. What a treat.

It has been a long couple of years, and we desperately missed being in a theatre and I suppose we are now making up for lost time.

The week before the Oscars we often take in as many films as we can in various categories. Another unexpectedly tender movie we watched was Empire of Light.

Weekend Plans

So don’t try to reach me this Sunday night! I’ll be busy doing what I love, watching The Oscars and the big party to celebrate how all that movie magic happens. And even if the movies I want to win do not get an Oscar, I suspect there will be moments of kindness and unexpected delight too.

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