Surprise & Delight!

It’s opening day for baseball and in my house that is a day to celebrate. I married into a baseball-loving family. Over the years I have learned the rules and thankfully my husband answers all of my questions about the game.

I started thinking about one of my FAVORITE kindness stories of baseball during COVID. It happened in August of 2020.

During that first year of COVID, there was a shortened baseball season that started in July. A month into the season, many of the baseball players had been separated from their families for weeks. They’d been isolated to help protect everyone from spreading COVID.

Spreading Kindness, Not COVID

It was just a one-minute video clip of the Detroit Tigers players receiving a surprise during batting practice. Their families were shown sending some wishes to their loved ones on the Jumbotron.

The expressions on the players’ faces were absolutely priceless. The surprise and delight they were receiving was visible and we got to witness it in this brief video.

Pandemic Lessons That Stuck

During the pandemic, a simple act of kindness, such as getting a greeting from a loved one, was even more important. And this video showed exactly how these players felt about this incredible action their club had taken to boost them during this challenging time.

When you think about ways to bring surprise and delight to your employees, maybe think back to being a kid and receiving something that would have made you squeal with delight. If at all possible, create moments where you are able to do that for your employees as well.

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NOW. Play Ball! Happy Opening Day. 

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