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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Depending on where you live or how social you are, you may or may not know your neighbors. Many of us spent a lot of time in our neighborhoods this past year. Perhaps like me this gave you even more opportunities to get to know your neighbors.

Meeting my neighbors has always been pretty important to me. I am very social and I have lived in the same house in my same neighborhood now for almost 25 years.

A black and white image of a disc suggesting that introducing yourself to new people, will almost always lead to new friends.

I love getting to know my neighbors.

Over the years, I’ve had neighbors who have become wonderful friends. They have helped me when I’ve locked myself out of my house, or notified me when a friend’s parked car started rolling down our hill unexpectedly. One group has hosted an amazing annual potluck for years, and we have held a yearly 4th of July parade for over 50 years. I’ve also had neighbors who have little to no interest in getting to know each other. Other than the occasional wave, they extend no effort in connecting with their neighbors.

During this year’s parade, I remembered a story from many years ago that I’d completely forgotten. My mom was attending the parade with me that year. As we visited with some of our neighbors, a woman approached me. She started with, “I don’t think you will remember me, but about three years ago, when I was visiting this neighborhood and looking to buy a house here, you stopped with your dog and chatted with me about the area.”

She continued, “You mentioned the 4th of July parade and the fact that this is a very friendly neighborhood.” 


Adding to the Neighbor Network

She then told me, “We didn’t end up buying that initial house. But I was so touched by your kindness, that I figured this probably was a really great neighborhood, and that we should continue to look in here. We did, and eventually bought a house here.” 

“We’ve been living in the neighborhood for three years now, and I often wondered if you actually still lived here or if I would bump into you one day.” 

She then shared which street she lived on and what house she’d bought. We visited a little longer and then proceeded to say goodbye to each other. 

An Act of Kindness = A Connection.

Connecting with others makes a difference and may even affect a decision someone might take. Like moving into your neighborhood!

Sometimes we will learn the outcome of our actions, but other times we certainly will not. Either way, I call this the Ripple Effect of kindness.

As many of us are resuming life in more of a pre-pandemic way, don’t forget your neighbors.

A black and white photo of Linda Cohen and a man with a sign that reads, "In a world where you can be anything, be kind!"

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