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ACT on 2021

August Edition of ACT on 2021

On a recent road trip to the California Redwoods we drove home through several Southern Oregon coastal communities. It was an absolutely breathtaking part of the state. What I wasn’t expecting was signs at a variety of restaurants and hotels, begging customers to be patient and kind with their staff.

On our first night of vacation, our waitress, a lovely young gal in her 20’s, had an absolute look of despair when she arrived at our table nearly fifteen minutes after we’d sat down at our table. When my husband inquired if she was doing okay, she said, “A customer threw his silverware at me earlier tonight.” At a hotel where we stayed later in the week, the front desk clerk, told us a male traveler, who was angry about booking last minute and not getting a “very good” room grabbed her arm in irritation after she told him this news.

Patience, Kindness, and Understanding

This is absolutely unacceptable! Clearly, some people believe it is their right to treat another human being without respect and patience, but demand it from others for themselves. Growing up in a Vermont ski resort town, I worked my way through high school as a housekeeper and waitress, so I understand what it’s like to work in the hospitality sector.

We each can choose in any interaction to show patience, kindness and understanding, even when the situation might be less than ideal. Clearly, if businesses are short staffed you are going to have to be more tolerant than normal.



Adding to Your Packing List

Don’t bother traveling soon if you aren’t going to pack some extra patience for your trip. Also, if you witness this kind of unacceptable behavior I beg you to go out of your way to make a point to spread some unexpected kindness towards that person. Even the kindness of a stranger can combat the wounds left by a rude and hurtful person.

Love to hear some happy endings you might be seeing at businesses in your area where customers are spreading kindness.