tACTful Transitions

ACT on 2021

Walking a New Path

Hibernation. Re-entry. Transition. For those of us who spent the majority of the pandemic social distancing and working remotely, this reopening phase is going to be an adjustment.

We’ve gotten comfortable and moving forward towards a world different from the old normal is complicated.

I don’t know about you but I’ve also felt overwhelmed, tired and impatient. I know I haven’t been as kind to my family as I want to be. Part of that is maneuvering all the renewed social interactions and everyone’s comfort level around engagement.

The June edition of ACT on 2021; a pair of running shoes on a wooden bridge, as a way of remembering to be human in new interactions.

My Daily Reminder:

Patience and grace for myself and others. 

None of us have walked this path before. My speaker colleague Izzy describes this time like this, its as if we have left one room in our house and are headed to another room but currently we are in the hallway traveling towards that new room. Maybe we are fumbling for the light switch in the dark hallway. It might be a long hallway and the uncertainty of how long it will take us to arrive in the next room creates anxiety.

This is clearly a time of transition. The hallway image helps us remember we are in between. Life as we knew it is going to be different. Re connecting with others is going to require a little extra empathy and understanding. Many people feel that has been in short supply in recent times. It’s time to cultivate it.

Reminders of Choice

Remind yourself to choose Radical Kindness. Take a breath. Listen. Pause. Rest. Stretch. Go inside your head and acknowledge all that is going on for you right now. Then react, speak or do.

Everything you feel right now is okay. Remind yourself of that often. None of us have lived through a global pandemic before and right now we are transitioning to a new chapter.

Remembering a Life

Tune into this episode of the Remembering a Life podcast from the NFDA! I was graciously invited to be their guest, where we discuss how Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change Your Life.