Kindness is teachable, clearly so is hate.

Last weekend, I listened to Rabbi and a Preacher giving sermons about love, inclusion, and humankind.

The Rabbi told us, the Jewish answer to the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper and my sister’s keeper?” is a resounding YES!

Whether I like them or not, whether it is comfortable or not, pleasant, or not.

We are all responsible for each other in this society.

Kindness is Contagious

We have been taught to believe the myth of the limited pie, the zero-sum thinking… that your gain is my loss, your liberation is my oppression.

If one group of people gains another will lose. This is absolutely not true, but it’s what we continue to be told and what is fueling so much hate and division in our society.

In Judaism, we learn about #tikkunolam, repairing the world. Others teach about #ubuntu, we are all connected, and what affects one of us affects us all.

One intentional act of kindness sometimes impacts many people, even if the person was only hoping to impact one person with the
gesture. You may never know how many people were impacted by the act of kindness, but you can know that the gesture will lead to more positivity in the world.

Being Intentional 

Kindness is teachable. When we are intentional with our actions, the Ripple Effect soon increases the impact of our efforts. If we are conscious and model kind behavior, then others will follow. 

And of course, the opposite is true too…

Choose love and kindness…hate is never the answer. 

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