Intentional Discoveries from HPS CORE

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Setting the Stage with Intentional Hospitality

If someone asked me how my week was attending CORE at Heroic Public Speaking in Lambertville, NJ, the first word that would come to mind is INTENTIONAL. Here is a look into my intentional discoveries from HPS CORE.

The learning was epic, the people were fantastic, the environment was safe to try new pieces of stagecraft as a speaker, but the only reason all of this happens is because Amy Port and Michael Port have created an organization that not only values intention but amplifies it at every opportunity.

For example, how they greeted us on our first morning. With their entire staff engaged at 100%, answering questions, smiling and welcoming. From the moment we entered their building we felt like we #belonged! Brilliant.

An Unexpected Gesture

The very first thing that Michael did when we began Monday morning was to ask us to take out our phones and give us his cell phone number, he joked it was ONLY in case of an EMERGENCY but for those of us flying in, far from home to this little river town in NJ, he wanted us to know if we needed something while we were here, he was available for us. This helped make everyone feel #Safe and that helped us relax and know immediately we were in excellent hands. Brilliant.

On our name tags it said who had recommended us for the program. This additional information on our name badges immediately created an opportunity for #connection if people knew that referral person. Brilliant.

Intentional Infrastructure: Supporting Every Step

Finally, the first time I went to the bathroom I marveled at the placement of a supply station, with cough drops, mints, lens cleaners, aspirin, a lint roller I mean literally ANYTHING you might need if you were traveling and needed something you might not have remembered. BRILLIANT.

This was only the tip of the iceberg; their intentionality spread into every exercise we did, every example they shared, and how they modeled what we could do if we elevated our own #stagecraft. I haven’t even had a chance to fully process all that I’ve taken away yet all I can say is WOW!

This is a #transformational opportunity and if you are a speaker, it’s definitely one you should consider.

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Thank you, Tara Rolstad. I’m so grateful I finally got to attend HPS Core.

Whether through keynote programs, custom resources, or hands-on training and workshops, I look forward to working with you.