Returning to Oregon

Home is home, and I’m finally back!

After working remotely for the past several weeks with my hubby in Southern California, I am back in my own home office and you know what?

I feel a little like George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I’m so grateful for my home and have a new perspective for my office and all the ease I have running my business and my personal life here.

Take-Aways from Being Away

What lessons did I take away from my time away from home?

Perspective is Everything

Perspective is everything – whether that’s the unseasonable weather, or not feeling your best. While you might be desperately missing your friends, maybe being in a new community you get the opportunity to reconnect with old friends you’d lost track of or even find new communities to be part of during your visit.

Your perspective can make a huge difference in every experience.


Disorientation – You might feel disoriented when you first arrive in a new location but give it some time. Hang out in the community and you’ll find places you enjoy. You’ll definitely find grocery stores, and you might even find a new place to exercise or walk. And in time you will even learn the way to get around that at first felt quite disorienting.

Talk to the Locals

Talk to the locals, EVERYWHERE, they most definitely will recommend places you’d never hear about in a guidebook. We discovered a botanical garden, an unbelievable vegan restaurant, and an incredible car museum that way.

Be Kind to Yourself

Finally, be kind to yourself, even if the trip was your dream, some parts of it might not be all you dreamed about, so be kind to yourself with whatever emotions come up, it’s all okay.

Enjoy the journey no matter what it brings.

And home is always home.

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