What do you want your legacy to be?

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Last night, I attended a networking group for the National Speakers Association.  I have been part of this organization for a few years since I participated in a Fast Track candidacy program a few years ago. In the candidacy program, we had the opportunity to meet wonderful local and national speakers as we learned the business of professional speaking.

One of the attendees last night had been our speaker a few years ago when I was just beginning to write my book. When we met last night,  I re-introduced myself he said, “Yeah, I know you are  the mitzvah gal.” I smiled because I am always humbled and honored that somehow I have managed to become synonymous with mitzvahs. It was my goal when I started this process to share my story about the mitzvah project to make the word “mitzvah” a household word/concept and to share it outside of the Jewish community.

As a Jewish child, I was taught about this idea of doing a mitzvah and when I had my bat mitzvah at 13 years old, I officially took on the mitzvahs as all Jewish children are expected to do,  but the idea of mitzvahs is universal.  It has such a powerful and wonderful connotation that it makes me smile every time someone reminds me that they now know what a mitzvah is and I have helped introduce them to the word.

So, what will your legacy be? Perhaps it’s one you’ve given thought to and perhaps not. I never expected this to be mine but I’m certainly happy to continue being the mitzvah gal forever.