The Last ACT

ACT on 2021

Reflecting, Growing, and Harnessing Joy

I bet I’m not the only one who has been reflecting recently on the long year we’ve moved through. A global pandemic arrived in the US, and upended the world as we knew it last March.

This is not the last ACT, or the end of the story. It’s just the beginning. We’ve all grown and changed this past year. We’ve witnessed immense loss of life and the sense of what we knew as normal. 

The Spring of Spring

Perhaps like me, you’ve also been reflecting on everything you are grateful for right now. My joy and hope meter seems to be blossoming right along with the cherry trees and daffodils. I am also desperately ready to receive my vaccination.

Why not harness the spring energy and create some more fun ways for your teams to connect. This Is not the last ACT, it’s just the beginning of what’s to come. Despite the many challenges of this past year, we do have many opportunities to celebrate.

5 Ways to Harness Joy This Spring

  1. Host a scavenger hunt game on Zoom.
  2. Create a “Joy Box” for friends, colleagues, or family members. Include items like crayons, bubbles, silly putty, a pack of gum. Anything that simply might bring joy to the recipient. 
  3. Make a “Self Care” box and fill it with a chocolate bar, bubble bath, and hand lotion. 
  4. Ask your employees what they are grateful for this spring. Share it with the organization. 
  5. Send someone tulips or daffodils with a heart felt note of gratitude. 
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