How to make a positive impact on a world spread thin

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End the Year on the Higher Path

You may find yourself questioning how to make a positive impact on a world spread thin right now. We are currently living in a time when it feels as if we are not doing enough, yet, we are also busier than ever. With the end of the year quickly approaching and to-do lists stacking up, staying grounded in the small, intentional ways we can positively impact the world has never been more important.

How we react is always our choice. Hate is never the answer. When we act with compassion, we are choosing the higher path. All each of us can do is be present, to connect with those that we meet and see throughout our day.

From Kindergarten to Corporate

In kindergarten, children hug each other and hold hands, they laugh, sing, dance, and play. They don’t see each other’s differences; they only see playmates who help them explore life. Friends to play with for make-believe and to spread joy. It might be time we all try to be more childlike.

Kindness, compassion, empathy, and civility are all choices. Even in the most difficult of situations, we have all heard of someone choosing kindness when they have been treated badly and could have chosen anger or hatred just as easily.

The choice of kindness is ours. We can reach across the table, the aisle, or the cubicle and see each person as a valuable human being with their own gifts and challenges. Be willing to offer a listening ear, patient understanding, and the opportunity to find our commonalities rather than our differences.

I’d like to invite you to consider how your words and actions could help the healing we are all in desperate need of right now. Engage in kind acts. Good deeds that are simple are still meaningful. Listen with kindness. Be your highest self. Your best self.

The Easiest Way to Gift Everyone in Your Orbit

I encourage you to stay engaged and lift others with your civilized, meaningful, and loving words and actions this season. Let others know how they have helped, inspired, or encouraged you to make your world better.

Share your gifts, passions, time, and wisdom with everyone in your orbit. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something big; a small act of kindness has a ripple effect and spreads well beyond the initial recipient.

No one can do it all, and no one should feel pressured to try. We are all spread thin right now. But if there is one thing we can do, it is to be kind.

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Preparing for 2024

As your organization plans for the new year, put kindness on the agenda! Kindness has an everlasting ROI because when you invest in kindness you invest in your leadership, culture, customer experience, and workforce potential.

Whether through keynote programs, custom resources, or hands-on training and workshops, I can’t wait to work with you in 2024.