Cultivating Kindness when Feeling Overwhelmed

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Over the weekend, I reread this list in my journal that I’d written about cultivating kindness when feeling overwhelmed, I thought it was worth sharing. We live in such a frenetic world, sometimes we get caught up and forget how important unplugging and stepping away from it all really is.


A List of Five Things

1) Shifting Your Perspective

Recently, I attended the National Speakers Association’s Influence 2022 Conference, and Cy Wakeman’s session called Ditch the Drama, really spoke to me. My takeaway… The most important question we can ask ourselves is, “What Do I Know for Sure?” I have already asked myself that question in several situations, including learning that a dozen people I’d been in contact with had gotten COVID and rather than continuing to tell myself the stories, that may or may not come true about the situation, I asked myself what do I know for sure. It was helpful to get through that moment of feeling overwhelmed. Such a helpful and simple way to reframe your perspective.

2) Take Inventory

Do you have a gratitude practice? I’ve had one for years, starting after my father died. It’s epic. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, sit down and right everything you are grateful for in your life. I promise it can instantly change your perspective.

3) Find Ways to be of Value to Others

Kindness towards others takes the cake on shifting your feelings of overwhelm. Helping someone else gives you oxytocin and will elevate your happiness, always!

4) Limit Media Consumption

If it bleeds, it leads. Until there is a media outlet that runs 24/7 good news, I suggest you limit your media consumption or find the good news outlets that do share the good in the world. There is plenty of it out there, but sadly it gets second shift to all the bad news and will continue to until we demand otherwise.

5) Ask for what you need

Listening ear, guidance on a situation, someone to handle the childcare or let you have a night off so you can go take a walk in nature. If your inner voice is asking, please listen to it, and if possible, ask for what you need.

Don’t forget to schedule some important rest and relaxation this summer too. Last Friday, I spent an afternoon hiking in a local forest. I took a bath later that evening and had a delicious green drink. It was exactly what I needed that day to recharge and refresh myself.

What else would you add about cultivating kindness when feeling overwhelmed? Join the conversation with me on LinkedIn.