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The Economy of Kindness Book is HERE!

Writing a book isn’t a short-term project. In fact, about three years ago I knew that it was probably time for me to consider writing a second book and yet the process terrified me. I remembered how much work it took to write my first book and that one had a bit of an advantage, I based it on the blog I’d kept for 2 years prior during my 1,000 Mitzvah project so I already had a great deal of content at the beginning.

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The Truth…

The truth is that for my new book The Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line, I also had an advantage. I’ve been speaking to audiences for years on this topic of cultivating kindness in the workplace and I already had examples and input from 1000’s employees.

Working remotely instead of traveling to speak during 2020 gave me the perfect opportunity to devote time each day to getting these stories typed up on my computer. (Initially, I did consider recording my stories and then transcribing them since opening a new blank document always seems like the hardest part of writing) but that wasn’t necessary. I found that once I settled in and allocated time each day to write, the chapters and important stories I wanted to share began to flow out.

One of my favorite parts of both writing and speaking honestly is storytelling. Of course, I know with a soft topic like kindness I MUST also have data and research which of course my new book includes, but stories are what people will remember. These are the stories that have stuck with me these past several years and they are the ones I hope will stick with my readers too.

Especially now during such challenging times, I hope my book serves as a guidepost. A reminder to let people know that we all have a choice in how we show up each day. Your title doesn’t matter, your income level doesn’t matter, where you live doesn’t matter, every one of us can choose to be kind or be cruel with every connection with another human being.

I hope that the stories, ideas, and suggestions I have made will be reminders for how to lead and work with kindness and generosity for your teams or organizations

I look forward to my next pinch me moment from my new book. Hoping it includes being interviewed by Brene Brown!