Technology Struggles

Stories of Kindness

Don’t Judge Me

There are many things I am good at, but technology is not one of them. I often get frustrated trying to figure out how to overcome these technology struggles. Even something as simple as pairing a blue tooth headset with your device can be a challenge. 

This isn’t new for me. Technology has always been a bit of a challenge. But, it does make me even more grateful that I have a very patient and tech-savvy husband who helps me whenever I’m stuck. 

Asking for Help 

You might be someone who would look up or Google the answer to a situation like this and then be self-sufficient in making it work. While I do try that first, it just seems like it never works for me. I guess I prefer to ask someone for help rather than struggle.

Thankfully a kind young soul was sitting near me at the airport when I realized I didn’t want to go on another flight without connecting my air pods and my tablet. I had tried on the first flight to connect them but hadn’t been successful.

Guessing that the young woman would know what to do, I asked the stranger for help. She showed me the place on the back of the airpod to touch, and guess what? It worked! 

Thankful for Strangers 

Grateful for the young random stranger who was willing to give this old gal some help and end my technology struggles. While her gesture may have been small on her end, she impacted my day in a large way. 

Kindness comes in so many forms. It can even be as simple as getting help from someone who is savvy at something you are not. Kind communication can be practiced every day, with friends and family, colleagues, and strangers too. 

What do you do when you need help? Do you ask a friend or stranger, or just go on without the help you need? Join the conversation with us on LinkedIn.