Delivering an International Keynote

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Kindness on a Global Scale

Delivering an international keynote was something I never imagined myself doing when I first became a keynote speaker. This week, I had the incredible honor to work with an international financial organization and speak with leaders and managers from 13 different Asian countries in a virtual format.

It was game-changing. Thinking about kindness on a global scale, and asking questions about how kindness is observed and honored in their countries was incredibly enlightening. It stretched my thinking AND my technology skills when we had to work around firewalls for interactive opportunities.

It all started with an act of kindness when my speaker colleague Allison Massari recommended me in June for an opportunity to speak to Singapore General Hospital.

Another “First”

At the time, I had never spoken for an Asian country or audience before. But Allison assured me “it would be a great experience.” Now, after the event, I can confirm that Allison was right. It was an incredible experience, and I got to learn a lot about the different ways kindness is practiced in global workplaces.

When the Managing Director began her introduction to her team before my presentation she said, “We are going on a blind date with Linda today.” She proceeded to share the story about how she’d first learned of me when she saw a flyer about my kindness program in the elevator at Singapor General Hospital. Until that moment, I actually hadn’t realized the full scope of it.

Delivering an international keynote on the ROI of kindness is just one example of its universal importance. For all employees, from all backgrounds and cultures, all over the world- kindness is critical. I am grateful for the ripple effect of kindness and humbled to be able to continue to share my work around the globe.

Never underestimate the power of a single act of kindness.