Cultivating Kindness Keynote 

Healthcare Program

Cultivating Kindness Keynote for Healthcare Professionals from Linda Cohen

The Cultivating Kindness keynote is available as a CEU, CE, or CME credit! 

Cultivating Kindness:  Building Stronger Relationships in the Workplace 

Empower your workforce to confidently navigate change, alleviate burnout, and transform patient lives with Kindness.

Our roadmap completely changed in March 2020 now we need to navigate almost unknown territory, and our compass will be kindness.

Kindness practices attract and retain high-performing talent and build stronger organizations. Kindness in the workplace is a vital part of delivering high-quality patient care.

Participants will learn why kindness is so crucial in healthcare and the impact our individual actions have on the bottom line of our organizations. Linda Cohen will show how employing the key kindness strategies of Adaptability, Communication, Recognition, and Self-Care will engage and empower your employees while positively impacting your bottom line.

Kindness and conversation can close cultural and personal rifts, which leads to understanding, inclusivity, and success.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Successful organizations use Kindness practices to strengthen employee relationships and stimulate healthy dialogue.
  • Kindness improves company morale and deepens employee loyalty.
  • A company culture of kindness elevates the patient experience and creates higher patient satisfaction.


Perfect for General Audiences, Professional Development Events, and Healthcare Professionals 

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“Cultivating Kindness: Building Stronger Relationships in the Workplace” is available as a Live Presentation, Virtual Keynote, or Webinar.