Be the Best KIND of Leader Keynote


Be the Best KIND of Leader keynote program

Be the Best KIND of Leader!

Authentic leadership offers kindness through recognition, respect, and communication. 

Kindness conquers burnout, builds morale, and empowers employees, especially when delivered by leadership.

Our workplaces are under pressure from many different sources. Your employees need to know that they are valued and respected so that they can perform their best. Linda Cohen will show your company leaders how to deliver that message of kindness and recognition.

By participating in this seminar leaders will become more engaged and productive, feel empowered, and have the tools to immediately implement a stronger and more dynamic workplace culture of kindness.

Kindness practices attract and retain high-performing leaders and build stronger organizations. Kind leaders improve team performance, company morale, and the bottom line.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Leaders can build their own kindness strategies.
  • Kindness improves company morale and deepens employee loyalty.
  • A culture of kindness builds stronger strategic alliances, collaboration, and employee engagement.


Perfect for Executive Leadership, Middle Managers, and Emerging Leaders.

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“Be the best KIND of Leader” is available as a Live Presentation, Virtual Keynote, or Webinar.