Is your team working remotely?

Has your work been disrupted

by COVID-19?

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boost in morale?

Program Title:

Elevating Radical Kindness Together: Business Lessons from a Virtual New World

Program Description:

Kindness in the workplace, improves employee morale, elevates workplace culture and creates loyalty from clients and co-workers. In 2020, without a road map, we asked ourselves again and again, how do we navigate a completely unknown territory?

Adaptability, Communication, Recognition and Self Care were key kindness strategies that helped us navigate a global pandemic.
How have you and your employees moved through these months of uncertainty?

In this highly interactive program, Cohen shares examples of how kindness can help your employees feel engaged, empowered and positively impact your bottom line.

Why is kindness so crucial in the workplace, now more than ever? A culture of kindness improves team performance. Acts of kindness strengthen employee engagement and reduce burnout. Kindness practices build stronger organizations.

Part Inspiration. Part Education. Cohen will share great ideas that will illustrate how kindness in action makes a difference to your employees and teams during challenging times. Your attendees will leave this program with a new ideas and resources to implement immediately and thrive in 2021!

Three Business Benefits:

  • Determine that additional “kindness” practices might not cost you any money, but could be crucial for your bottom line.
  • Justify that by focusing on your company culture you will have more loyal and happier employees and clients.
  • Develop a renewed sense of possibilities for ways to cultivate a stronger culture of kindness.

I’ve worked with Linda professionally on a few separate occasions, and if I get more opportunities to work with her again, I will jump at it in a heartbeat. Not only is Linda’s message on “kindness” refreshing to hear and something that should be core to all workplace cultures, but it’s also the person delivering it that makes all the difference. Linda is a kind-hearted person who is thoughtful and generous, smiles a lot, and is incredibly smart. The kindness message sticks with the people she works with because she delivers it in such an eloquent way and strongly believes in what she says. I highly recommend you hire Linda for your next keynote presentation, workshop, virtual event, etc. You will not regret working with her!

Brandon Laws

Director of Marketing, Xenium HR

It was very thought provoking in thinking through what we are doing well right now and what we can do better.

Linnea A.

Human Resources Manager, Audiology Group

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