“We could have not picked a better session to sponsor. Your presentation was wonderful and the message you delivered was spot on. And I personally benefitted from the session too!”

John Binder AIA , KEPHART Sponsor of Leading Age Colorado

“Linda's kindness message and enthusiasm for the subject transcended through the screen and kept our audience engaged and interested. Her programs, resonated with our members in a way that surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend her to my fellow meeting planners.”

Melody King Director of Education, Oregon Health Care Association

Linda is an engaging, dynamic coach and communicator! Her presentation on The Economy of Kindness was insightful and inspired and provided my team ways to better support each other while serving our customers. I highly recommend Linda for coaching, consulting and presenting to your organization.

Gary Schmidt Director, Public and Government Affairs , Clackamas County

"GREAT JOB TODAY! We’re getting terrific feedback from your session; everyone loved it. I loved how you effectively got our audience to participate and your research into the various credit unions was a great touch – I’m sure it came as a very pleasant surprise to those highlighted who were present."

  Drew Kayvani Relationship & Development Coordinator Illinois Credit Union League

“You were fantastic! Keeping everyone engaged with 3 interpreters in the room takes a lot of skill and you nailed it!”

Heather Irace Quality Improvement Specialist, Child Care Resource & Referral of Multnomah County
National Speaker Association (NSA) Professional Member Certification

About Linda Cohen

Dynamic speaker Linda Cohen, The Kindness Catalyst, shares the ROI of kindness with businesses and associations through customized interactive programs for team meetings and conference keynotes.

With enthusiasm and expertise she describes how kindness is no longer a “nice to have” in the workplace, but an imperative skill for leaders and employees to cultivate.

Kindness,” says Cohen “is at the basis of every aspect of a positive company culture from recruitment and retention to morale and burnout. There is overwhelming evidence that kindness can conquer burnout!

Linda Cohen will reveal how:

  • A culture of kindness improves team performance and company morale.
  • Acts of kindness strengthen employee engagement.
  • Kindness practices build stronger organizations.

Invite The Kindness Catalyst, Linda Cohen to speak to your team or organization. Understand that the size of kindness action doesn’t matter. It is the ripple effect that spreads out to the world and has a positive effect on your bottom line.


The Economy Of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line. A book by Linda Cohen, the Kindness Catalyst, keynote speaker and author of 1000 Mitzvahs

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Economy of Kindness: How Kindness Transforms Your Bottom Line


Learn How: 

  • A culture of kindness makes Reputation, Retention, and Recruitment easier to maintain.
  • Intentional acts of kindness improve relationships and build stronger face to face and virtual teams.
  • Kindness practices build stronger strategic alliances.
Program Full Description:

Every investment in Kindness is transformational for individuals, teams, and businesses.

Imagine your workplace filled with people who are respectful, committed, empowered, and energized. This is what kindness does.

In this highly interactive event, Linda Cohen trains employees and leaders how to improve communication, boost teamwork, promote interpersonal interaction, and provide stellar customer service through engagement and focus by cultivating a stronger culture of kindness.

Participants will learn why kindness is so crucial in a business setting and the impact our individual actions have on the bottom line of our organizations. Kindness in the workplace, improves employee morale, elevates customer service, and creates loyalty from customers.

The size of the kindness action doesn’t matter. Kindness has a ripple effect that stretches out to transform mediocre to magnificent.

Resilience and Adaptability

Radical Kindness: Lessons for a Virtual New World


Learn How: 

  • Minimal investments in kindness practices can have huge returns.
  • Everyone can be a Kindness Catalyst.
  • A company culture of kindness creates more loyal and happier employees and clients.
Program Full Description:

Radical Kindness will push our businesses and lives forward to a renewed post-pandemic world.

Our roadmap completely changed in March 2020, now we need to navigate an almost unknown territory and our compass will be kindness.

Linda Cohen will show how employing the key kindness strategies of Adaptability, Communication, Recognition, and Self Care will engage and empower your employees, while positively impacting your bottom line.

Part Inspiration. Part Education. Participants take away a new perspective of the active role kindness plays in their professional and personal lives. They’ll have fresh ideas and kindness resources to implement immediately!

Kindness in the workplace improves employee morale, elevates workplace culture, and creates loyalty from clients and co-workers.


Linda Cohen speaking to a group, live, about the successful steps towards kind leadership.

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Lighthearted leadership, a conference on team building, morale, and engagement. Presented by Linda Cohen, the Kindness Catalyst.

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Be the Best KIND of Leader!


Learn How: 

  • Leaders can build their own kindness strategies.
  • Kindness improves company morale and deepens employee loyalty.
  • A culture of kindness builds stronger strategic alliances, collaboration, and employee engagement.
Program Full Description:

Authentic leadership offers kindness through recognition, respect, and communication. 

Kindness conquers burnout, builds morale, and empowers employees especially when delivered by leadership.

Our workplaces are under pressure from many different sources. Your employees need to know that they are valued and respected so that they can perform their best. Linda Cohen will show your company leaders how to deliver that message of kindness and recognition.

By participating in this seminar leaders will become more engaged and productive, feel empowered, and have the tools to immediately implement a stronger and more dynamic workplace culture of kindness.

Kindness practices attract and retain high performing leaders and build stronger organizations. Kind leaders improve team performance, company morale, and the bottom line.

Different ways of communicating, re-learning how to communicate in an isolated, polarized society.

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Dialogue with Kindness: Sustaining Healthy Discussion in a Polarized Society

Learn How: 

  • Non-verbal cues tell the truth of your story.
  • The 4 Quadrants of Communication are acts of kindness.
  • Successful corporations and individuals use kindness to create healthy dialogue.
Program Full Description:

Kindness imbues a calm confidence in the workplace allowing everyone to flourish.

Kindness is self-generating and powerful. Kindness and conversation can close cultural and personal rifts, which leads to understanding, inclusivity, and success.

During this intense event, Linda Cohen will dive into communication accountability, the keys to giving and receiving feedback, employing active listening, and vulnerability through connection. Inclusivity is the kind way to create a company culture, and it also makes good business sense.

Linda Cohen presents kindness solutions that begin to build interpersonal bridges by creating opportunities to dialogue and so embrace each other’s differences. Participants will elevate their listening skills to find common ground and respectful understanding.

Kindness provides a return to civility, supports inclusivity, allows new ideas to be heard, and ensures that all voices are heard and respected.

Partial Client List:

Oregon Health Care Association
ComForCare Home care event
Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue event

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