3 Good Things

An Exercise Intended to Increase Sense of Wellbeing

This simple activity takes five minutes before bed. Write down three things you are grateful for that day. It literally takes less than five minutes but the research shows that by focusing on what we are grateful for, we will notice more of it.

If you try this exercise for just two weeks you will already begin to feel the effects. In fact, according to the study, a two-week trial of 3 Good Things can have lasting benefits for up to six months. Simply by acknowledging what we are grateful for each day we will increase our happiness and decrease depression. One healthcare organization prescribed this 3 Good Things exercise rather than prescribing antidepressants. It’s that effective.

Other results include:

  • Reduced levels of burnout
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improvements with personal and professional relationships

Here’s all you need to do. Place a small notebook or journal by your bedside and before you go to bed each night write down three things you are grateful for from the day. You could do it on your phone, but there is a physical connection when using pen and paper that apparently makes a stronger impact.

Give it a try for two weeks. Think of what you could gain.