Memorial Day


For most of my life, Memorial Day has simply been a day off from school or work. The Monday holiday usually included a BBQ with family and friends. I don’t remember much memorial going into this day. However, having just returned from New York City where I had a chance to visit  Ground Zero for the first time, I have been moved this Memorial Day to take on two new actions to remember those men and women who have served our country.

Perhaps you too will want to take on one small action this Memorial Day  to remember and commemorate those men and women who have served in our armed forces.

I will light a candle and write a note to send to a soldier. Perhaps my kids will join me too. Here are some other ideas for actions to take this Memorial Day:

1) Visit a veteran’s hospital and visit with soldiers who don’t have family. Have your children decorate pillow cases to bring for the recovering soldiers.

2) Attend a memorial day service

3) Send a card or care package to a soldier overseas.

Here are two resources for sending your letter or care package to a soldier:  and Operation Shoebox.

Remember to include a personal letter when sending a care package. It could be from you or  your children. If you decide to send a care package here are some ideas for what to include:  Pre-paid phone cards, batteries, stationary, pens and pencils, disposable cameras, playing cards, candy.
Send your items directly to:
Operation Shoebox
PO Box 1465
Belleview, FL 34421-1465
4) Visit a local VFW and bring a plate of cookies to thank them for their service.

5) Make a charitable contribution to a worthy organization. Here are three excellent places you could donate this Memorial Day.

Fisher House Foundation 

Homes for Our Troops

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust




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