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Meditation – is it for everyone? 

Do you hate meditating or have ever felt “unsuccessful” at how you are practicing it?

If you haven’t tried Insight Timer yet as a tool for self-care, I suggest you give it a whirl. I found Insight Timer in the summer of 2014, just a month before my mother took her life. I have found teachers. meditations, and a source of never-ending inspiration over the years. It has been an unbelievable companion and my life is improved because of this tremendous app. One of my favorite Insight Timer teachers who regularly addresses lovingkindness and gratitude is Hugh Byrne. I’d be surprised if you don’t find something that will resonate for you, wherever you are in your current life journey.

Taking time for meditation is one way to show lovingkindness to yourself.

Here are a few tips that I use:

  1. Stay in bed.
  2. Put a pillow under your knees.
  3. Use an eye covering.
  4. Use headphones.
  5. Choose one of the meditations and hit play.

I hope these suggestions encourage you to give Insight Timer a try, even if you’ve thought meditation wasn’t for you.