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This has been a difficult several days for everyone. The inner angst people are feeling has been palpable across the country and it’s imperative for each of us to do what we can to actively find a way to heal.

I have noticed these past several days that people I know seem to be experiencing grief as I did when both my father and my mother died. When my mother took her life, since it was so sudden and tragic, the initial emotions were shock, disbelief, that my world had turned upside down. I wondered when things would ever “settle back down again”. I felt as though the rug had been pulled out from under me and now everything in my world was turned on it’s side. What I learned from the grieving process is that everyone’s journey through grief is different and each of us brings the coping tools we possess to help us through our own experience. I believe it is possible to move forward after grief and loss. It is possible to find a new normal. It will feel different of course. You will be changed certainly. Even if it’s hard to imagine initially, the experience might make you stronger, show you your own inner resilience. That you can survive.

Perhaps that is why I have felt less shaken by the election. It certainly wasn’t the outcome I had expected. My candidate didn’t win. Watching others, I was aware of people having the exact emotions I experienced after my mother’s death. Perhaps, I possess some additional tools for coping that I hadn’t known were accessible prior to this election experience.

For years now, I have been speaking and sharing about how we can engage in more kindness and mitzvahs in the world. Every day, I help others remember how to use their own power for kindness, love and peace building.

Now more than ever we must find the strength to heal. Hate is never the answer. Even when that is what is thrown at you, you can always choose how you feel or how you react. If you aren’t sure how simple acts of kindness can help you feel better, I can happily show you. I am eager to share more about how your own actions can help us heal during this time. Perhaps you know a business, organization, association or even an individual that might need a reset button, a conversation about cultivating kindness. Direction on how we must move in that direction to help heal the wounds that have surfaced. We have the power to do this and I am eager to help be a kindness catalyst.

Contact me if you need some help.