I am a believer that we can often find a silver lining even in the most difficult of situations. I know we certainly have!

My perceptions around giving and receiving have been heightened once again these past several weeks. My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in March and it has been an emotional whirlwind few weeks as we worked through biopsies and learned about the prognosis and current treatment plans. Thankfully, despite some previous news that made us think otherwise, we are expecting a very good outcome. These past few weeks allowed me the opportunity to be the recipient of kindness and good deeds from dozens of friends and our large extended family. At moments, there was palpable discomfort in being the recipient of so many acts of kindness made on our behalf. Then, I had to remember what I teach about giving. When we allow someone to do an act of kindness for us we allow them to give us their gifts and their love. People want to be the giver and it is valuable to sit in our own discomfort as the recipient and graciously accept the kindness coming our way. Always interesting to note the aha’s that arise as we are invited in our lives to experience lessons through new life situations.