Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

woman3aWhile many of my closest friends the past twenty years have been working at their day jobs, I have often wondered what my “job” in this world really was.

Last fall, a dear friend and colleague told me I was fearless. I was literally floored by that description. How could she call me fearless? What had I ever done that would be described that way? In my mind, I had been a stay-at-home mother raising my children for more than a decade. While I’d held a variety of roles as a skin care consultant, author and speaker, I hadn’t chosen the standard day job route and my self confidence and self worth had been constantly challenged over the years because of that. But she went on to tell me that my drive and tenacity to stick with something (like getting a book traditionally published – oh yeah I had forgotten I did that) as well as trying new things (consulting for non profits, growing a speaking and presentation consulting business, creating workshops for other SAHM’s – oh yeah I had forgotten about those things as well) was absolutely fearless and something “most people” would be afraid to do because it would mean stepping out of their comfort zone consistently and repeatedly.

All I could think of in that moment when she said this to me, is that from my vantage point none of these things ever seemed “fearless”. Often they felt crazy or even sometimes like wild pipe dreams. I suppose though to someone else it might seem like I have actually consistently  created something from nothing. Which I suppose is what I have actually done. I’ve continued to fine tune what I have to offer and provide in terms of services to others as I have honed what makes me feel valuable and what I believe I have to contribute to others. And the truth is that every time I do this, I find that when I feel as though I am living and being my most authentic self others feel and sense this from me and somehow it might even give them permission to do the same.

I never realized, until this conversation with my friend, that for someone observing me on this path, perhaps I appear to be living boldly and authentically and I guess now that I have had that mirror showed to me, I am so incredibly grateful that I didn’t let my doubts and fears (which of course we all have) stop me from trying new things and forging forward in new uncharted territories. How lucky I am to have a friend like this one!

So another new and uncharted territory for me is YouTube.  I am excited to share my updated One Minute Mitzvahs – Simple Acts of Kindness in less than 2 minutes on my new YouTube channel. Here is the my first video about the simple acts of kindness project also fondly knowns as my one minute mitzvahs.

Stay tuned for a new video each week and be sure to send me your comments!


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