People of peace. Hundreds of people that support peace .

Compassion, love and mitzvahs.

That’s what I am hoping we can all work towards today. Election day 2016.

It’s been a long election season and I know I am tired of all the rhetoric, the negativity, the hate. I want to move forward with compassion and civility. I am sure you do too!


We each have the power to do this. We must choose this today and in the days to come.

Act with compassion today and moving forward. Understand that someone who doesn’t believe the same thing as you may be coming from a place of fear, may have a story or a trauma that is being triggered with all of this election business. Beyond our politics, beyond our differences, we are all human beings with the same basic needs. Use your words constructively and use them for good not evil.

Act with love. Even if you don’t always feel like it. Love heals. Love is abundance. Love is what we all need more of these days.

Proactively use your actions for good. Engage in kind acts. Good deeds can be simple and meaningful. Offer someone a ride to a polling station who can’t get there themselves. Share some time with someone who is alone and frightened during this time. Listen with kindness. Be your highest self. Your best self. We can move forward past the rhetoric and the hate and create a better democracy.

One where we are engaged and taking action – civilized, meaningful and loving action.

It is imperative. We must.

In peace!