Passover 2009

Our Passover Table It’s been more than  week since I have posted any mitzvahs. I have been entrenched in Passover preparation which culminated in a wonderful Seder held on Wednesday night at our home with 15 people at our outstretched table. For days prior to...

Small things

It was a busy weekend filled with activities around a sleepover birthday party for Gabrielle, my 9 year old daughter. Performed at least a couple of small mitzvahs. 7) Invited a family whose daughter is one of Gabrielle’s friends over for a Shabbat dinner. They...

About this Blog

Hi my name is Linda Cohen. I recently lost my father, Peter Rabow and had decided to take some time reflecting this profound transition in my life. The experience of losing a parent I have discovered is very significant and effects us on a deep level. During my...

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