ACT on 2021 January Edition

ACT on 2021

2021 Word of the Year- ACT

This week I’m thinking about the derivative “action”, as in take action, do something, move forward. If there was anything we learned in 2020, it was to take action. For me, that’s along the lines of kindness. To take action. Kind thoughtful action.

Hate and racism stem from unkind thoughts and actions. Honestly, I struggled, questioning 

“Who am I to discuss anything about racism, diversity, inclusivity?”

“How do I fit into this conversation?”

“What can I possibly do?” 



I had enlightening conversations with colleagues Lou Ragja and Nina Byrd who both reminded me that silence is a form of acceptance. Doing nothing is not acceptable. Even baby steps, acknowledging and addressing racism, unconscious bias, microaggressions and joining in as an ally are all important ways to take action.

Addressing the intersectionality of what inclusivity and exclusivity in my work as it related to kindness in the work place and culture felt like the right place to begin.

I hope baby steps will turn into bigger steps, as I learn more.

What about you? How have your actions been informed by the events of 2020 and the peeling back of the facade that POC and white people are treated the same in America?

Below, you’ll find my 10 Ways to Cultivate Kindness with Action and Accountability. 

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