7 Day Mitzvah Challenge


It has been one week since my AM Northwest Appearance when I asked Helen and Dave the co-hosts along with the audience to take my 7 day mitzvah challenge. I have been delighted by the incredible feedback I received since the interview. More than a dozen people emailed me that they were committed to taking the challenge.

I received three great mitzvah stories that I want to share today and one of my friends wrote me that she did indeed change a roll of toilet paper in a public restroom. Horray!!

Story #1: One friend wrote cards to the Israeli soldiers for our upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim.

Story# 2: One friend offered her cell phone to an older women who needed to make a call. Even though my friend tried to decline, the women then bought her a coffee to show her gratitude.

Story# 3: One friend happened upon a colleague who had just heard news of a close friend’s death. He offered his support and gave her a hug allowing her to have a human connection at a crucial time.

What stories happened for you this week when you took the 7 day challenge? Please share them.

Here are my mitzvahs so far this week.

931) Attended a volunteer meeting.

932) Passed along information regarding an upcoming fundraiser.

933) Donated proceed from bottles to our school at supermarket.

934) Donated to Jerry’s Kids Muscular Dystrophy Association at the supermarket.

935) Recommended someone for a speaking opportunity.

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