Welcoming A Newcomer

No matter what your preference, being new to an organization or attending a conference where you literally know no one, or maybe just a handful of people can be daunting. Some simple acts of kindness by current members can make a huge difference to a newcomer. This...

The Lanyard

I don’t think my daughter has ever actually made me a lanyard. She’s made me plenty of other beautiful arts projects over the years. She’s a creative and artistic young women. But certainly a lanyard wasn’t one of them. And yet suddenly the...

Hugs Are The New Handshake

When my colleague posted this photo on her FB page while attending an event last week at the Chopra Center, I knew I wanted to blog about this. In the 1970’s, my dad had a bumper sticker on his car that said, “Have you hugged your kids today?” My dad was a bit of a...

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