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Presentation skills are the key to delivering your message with clarity and precision. No matter what your current speaking level you can learn new skills to help you speak more confidently, share your stories more effectively and connect with your audience every time. Coaching packages available.


Simple Acts of Kindness Transform Lives. Looking for an motivational speaker to help your audience feel more connected, engaged and inspired? Linda’s presentation helps leaders young and old improve communication and connectivity through engagement in acts of kindness, authenticity and vulnerability.


“Just a Mom? No Way!” workshops help women embrace their value as Stay-At-Home Moms through interactive workshops addressing self worth, recognition, self care and other topics of relevance to SAHM’s. Great for schools, organizations and Mom’s clubs.

WORKSHOP for schools and Moms organizations:
“Just a Mom? No Way!” Embracing our Value as Stay-At-Home Moms!
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What moms had to say: “Resources and book suggestions, plus a call to action for self-care were very helpful.”  

“I am so grateful for this workshop.  I felt so supported meeting the other SAHM’s and renewed about the decision I made 13 years ago to take care of myself and my family.  The topics, timeframe and price were perfect and I would highly recommend this workshop to other SAHMs.”

“I felt very validated and that other moms feel like me.”

About Linda Cohen

Cohen is a professional speaker, presentation coach and the author of 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire and Change Your Life published in 2011 by Seal Press.  Cohen presents to organizations and businesses on how kindness in the workplace improves your bottom line. She was a work-at-home (board sitting, auction running, PTO leading, carpooling, laundry folding, cleaning, cooking) mamaprenuer for a dozen years. She received her BA from American Jewish University and an MA from Brandeis University. She lives in Oregon with her husband of 23 years, their two spirited teenagers and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Ginger and Remy. She loves yoga, meditation, keeping a gratitude journal and will never pass up a good cup of Earl Grey tea.

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